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To navigate around the "Find Us" section use the yellow buttons above. The "Map" button will give you a scrollable map showing the station and the locations we use. The "G Map" button will give you a scrollable Google Map to help you find Theydon Bois.

Pronouncing "Theydon Bois"

Even the BBC have problems with the name. It is quite simple though. "Theydon" is pronounced exactly the way it looks (i.e. th - aye - don, with a soft "th"). Bois is pronounced as an English word not a French word (i.e. boys as in the plural of boy).


By Train - The Central Line (Epping Branch) stops at Theydon Bois. Note: Some trains stop short at Debden or Woodford. The station is marked in purple near the right hand side of the village map ("Map" tab top left). If you need a lift back to the station after the meeting then please speak to the person on the door or the person running the meeting. There are no street lights in Theydon Bois, so bring a torch.

By Bus - Bus stops are on Coppice Row, close to the centre of the village. See the village map ("Map" tab top left). The 541 bus runs Harlow - Epping - Theydon Bois - Abridge - Debden - Loughton.

By car or bike - There are car parks in front of both the Scout Hall (for Thursday evening meetings and observing sessions) and St Mary Church Hall (for Astrokyds), see the village map ("Map" tab top left). To find Theydon Bois see the Google Map ("G Map" tab top right).


LAS Meetings and Observing Sessions (8:00 - 10:00 p.m.) - Thursday evening meetings are held in the 1st Theydon Bois Scout Hall, marked in red on the map. As Scout Halls go this is the de-lux version, brick built with all mod-cons. Maple close is a small road serving a few houses. Do not turn left into the houses, instead follow the straight narrow road leading between the houses. You will come to a car park, the scout hall is the large tall building to the far left hand side of the car park. There are signs for the scouts and the cricket club on the corner of Maple Close.

After meetings some of us retire to the Cricket Club bar.

Astrokyds (6:30 - 8:00 p.m.) - St. Mary Church Hall is next to the Village Hall. Looking from the village green St Mary Church Hall is on the left of the village hall. The entrance to the hall and car park is through a gap in a tall hedge. St. Mary Church Hall is very close to the cross roads.